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Lasting Immunity Found After Recovery From COVID-19

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I had severe Covid in August. In hospital 9 days. No ventilator just constant oxygen. 6 months later my doctor did blood work and I still have antibodies. I had my first vaccine and had all the side effects immediately. Fever, shoulder, arm, neck aches, couldn’t eat fir 24 hours, no energy fir about 30 hours. My doctor said maybe I don’t need to take the second shot. I’m really confused.

February 13, 2021 GA


I had COVID diagnosed on Dec 14 20. I had an antibody test done around Jan 11 21. My total antibody was shown at 2.8. I now have been diagnosed with COVID 19 on Feb 9 21. The reason I was tested again was I had the very same symptoms. My grandson was also diagnosed again. However the other 3 members of our household have tested negative. We all had COVID in Dec together. My grandson also had a negative test in Jan. Was our reinfection due to us not being very ill the first time?

February 13, 2021 Muskogee ok

Brenda Harden

5 months after hospitalization with Covid I still had antibodies. Now a month later I’m scheduled for my vaccine. I’m concerned about if I need the shot and if I’ll have more side effects. No one seems to know. I’m scared.

February 6, 2021

Pam P

I have CML Leukemia. Oral med, TKI Gleevec, makes me more susceptible to infections. I wonder if this Covid immunity response would apply in my situation, or others that are immune-compromised.

January 31, 2021 Florida


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